Vacuum carburizing quenching furnace
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Vacuum carburizing quenching furnace

Carburizing Furnace
A carburizing furnace is an important engineering device that is used for carburizing. It is mainly utilized for hardening and processing facilities. The whole process involves the diffusion of carbon into steel. In Carburizing furnace process the interior of the furnace is heated and the source gas is introduced to provide a source of carbon, whereupon a chemical reaction occurs at 850-1000°C which diffuses the carbon into the steel. The quantity of carbon that is diffused into the steel is called the carburization performance which is normally displayed as a carbon potential (CP) value.

Vacuum Carburizing Furnace
Vacuum carburizing gas furnace also comes in two forms- batch and continuous. A continuous carburizing furnace consist of a heating chamber, conditioning chamber, carburizing/diffusing chamber, a second conditioning chamber, and a cooling chamber. Heating chamber is meant for heating a workpiece under a atmospheric pressure from here the work piece is passed to the first heating chamber. The work piece is then treated in a carburizing/diffusing chamber . A cooling chamber is used for cooling the workpiece which it receives from the second conditioning chamber under the atmospheric pressure. Apart from this there is a door which opened/closed only when the workpiece is transported from one chamber to an.

It is easy to operate and installation
The carburizing furnace has better insulation system
The furnace is protected from overheating
The temperature is distributed uniformly
The heat and temperature can be regulated and controlled.
Heat treatment


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