Vacuum Furnace Maintenance
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Vacuum Furnace Maintenance
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Caidong Jun vacuum brazing studio not only provides users with high quality and stable performance of the vacuum furnace products, while the company also engaged with many years of experience in the use of vacuum furnaces, senior technologists, users can use the process in a vacuum furnace technology to provide good support . Customer Service Centre can provide a full range of vacuum furnaces for domestic and foreign equipment services:

1, equipment, general maintenance:

Including the replacement of vacuum pump oil, heating room wearing parts, insulating parts replacement, vacuum furnace replacement parts subject to wear, etc.

2, Equipment Maintenance:

I including vacuum pump repair, replacement and manufacturers to provide users with information

Ii heating chamber of the maintenance, replacement

Iii vacuum furnace main Jian Lou, repair

3, the old vacuum furnace improvements, reconstruction cost less to make your investment can be satisfied with the performance of
4, provide stainless steel copper brazing technology of aluminum brazing process, copper brazing process, hard soldering, brazing plate heat exchanger production process. Help customers improve product quality rate, lower production costs, production appears to solve the various problems and ailments.

5, vacuum furnace commonly used display devices:

Note: Special equipment warranty cases under the contract is signed.

Maintenance instructions:
1, parts procurement by the company listed in the list of users on their own purchases, additional purchases of the company and charge only the cost of fees.
Second, to the site identified for the provision of technical service, from fares, fuel costs, the bridge crossing fees, the user is responsible for. However, if the user of the view that the company failed to provide effective solutions to the expense of the company take care of themselves.
Third, technical service to date of departure date and return to the technical services contract for the maximum period, if the contract beyond the time of the excess costs incurred by the Company to take care of themselves. Upper limit of time less than the actual time of occurrence of dollars.
Fourth, technical services and travel expenses for a total of 1,000 yuan / day / person.
The company produced equipment, within a year of non-operational error and equipment failure, the company offers full responsibility for technical services, all costs by the company. Other domestic manufacturers of equipment produced by the company's non-operational errors due in part to maintenance and equipment failure, the company provides technical services for six months, all the expense of the company. Since then, the provision of technical services paid for life

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