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     dong Jun vacuum brazing studio not only provides users with high quality and stable performance of the vacuum furnace products, vacuum industry as the country one of the best units, the company's technology department engaged in a variety of vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing process of . Have specialized laboratories and the research team, through long-term study confirmed the improvement of the equipment to make equipment more versatile and have special uses. The company also hired a vacuum furnace with years of experience in the use of senior technologists, for users in a vacuum furnace, NOCOLOK continuous brazing furnace using the process to provide a good technology, technical support. Customer Service Centre of the domestic vacuum furnace, NOCOLOK continuous brazing furnace to provide a full range of equipment maintenance and repair services. Provide heat treatment process of stainless steel copper brazing, aluminum brazing process, copper brazing process, brazing, brazing of carbon, low carbon brazing, stainless steel brazing, brazing alloys, aluminum brazing welding, brazing copper, diamond brazing, vacuum brazing carbide, gas welding, NOCOLOK aluminum brazing and welding processes, brazed plate heat exchanger production technology to help users solve the production process met the species brazing process problems. Company can help customers improve product quality rate, lower production costs, production appears to solve the various problems and ailments.

Vacuum furnace, NOCOLOK continuous brazing furnace technology personnel training, equipment maintenance personnel, operators, equipment, training of managers

Quality Assurance

Vacuum furnace quality system in accordance with GB/T19001-1994 idt ISO9001: 2000 standard. Products from design, production, sales and service are all part of strict scrutiny. Company line engineering and technical personnel engaged in the manufacture of vacuum heat treatment equipment, commissioning and service, most have more than 15 years of experience, we have the ability to ensure the delivery of high quality, high level of full service.

Pre-sale services

Learn more about the requirements of the user equipment, by professional engineers, according to the users needs, planning, design the most economical and can meet the requirements of the program, recommend the best solution for the user process; also consider other production line equipment, complete and long-term development needs. Design a comprehensive computer-aided design system used (CAD) and other system simulation software, which greatly improved the design speed and accuracy to ensure reliability of product design and coordination configuration. Thus the performance of the advanced product structure and reliability.

Sales service

In the vacuum equipment design and manufacturing process, according to the user's requirements in time to modify the design; of user technical training, training content includes: vacuum furnace structure theory, control theory, vacuum heat treatment process characteristics, maintenance, the machine attachment and so on. All courses conducted by professional engineers to explain.

Factory acceptance
Each factory vacuum equipment are subject to stringent inspection to ensure product compliance. Acceptance cold mechanical agencies, including the operation, but also including the heating mode, the maximum furnace temperature, furnace temperature uniformity, limit vacuum, heating temperature and time parameters of the inspection. Together with relevant parts of the product origin certification documents to ensure that all qualified factory equipment.

As each factory equipment through cold and hot state the full commissioning, key parts are imported parts, and after aging test. Meanwhile the company in accordance with the commissioning personnel with rich experience, we can guarantee the user site with the fastest speed to complete all installation work to ensure a smooth production equipment.

After-sales service

Three bags of strict implementation of quality and commitment to quality to users, regular visits to customers to understand equipment operation and improvements in a timely manner to resolve equipment problems. Service by the dedicated staff. All devices are one-year warranty. Warranty under normal use failure are provided free of charge repair. To provide paid service after the warranty period. Sound device files so that each piece of equipment we sell from the production, installation and after-sales service documented every step to ensure we can provide you with the fastest professional service.


1. To the buyer of the equipment purchased to implement life-long maintenance services;

2. Ensure that the equipment spare parts, consumable supplies to implement price;

3. Warranty: 10 months (from date of commissioning qualified);

4. Equipment warranty if non-vulnerable devices damaged (non-user man-made), free replacement of faulty components;

5. After receiving the user fault notification, to respond within 1 hour, 24 hours, arrive at the scene, and gives the specific day troubleshooting.

Note: Special equipment warranty cases under the contract is signed.

Maintenance instructions:

1, parts procurement by the company listed in the list of users on their own purchases, additional purchases of the company and charge only the cost of fees.
Second, to the site identified for the provision of technical service, from fares, fuel costs, the bridge crossing fees, the user is responsible for. However, if the user of the view that the company failed to provide effective solutions to the expense of the company take care of themselves.
Third, technical service to date of departure date and return to the technical services contract for the maximum period, if the contract beyond the time of the excess costs incurred by the Company to take care of themselves. Upper limit of time less than the actual time of occurrence of dollars.
Fourth, technical services and travel for a total of: 1,200 RMB / hour / person. 2,1000 RMB / day / person, 3,50000 / project / person.

Technical Cooperation
Company in the provision of vacuum equipment, we are also willing to join with the majority of users, such as new equipment to carry out research and development, research, new materials development and other aspects of technical cooperation, seek common development.







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