Vacuum Furnace Accessories
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Vacuum Furnace Accessories
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Caidong Jun vacuum brazing studio not only provides users with high quality and stable performance of the vacuum furnace products, while the company also engaged with many years of experience in the use of vacuum furnaces, senior technologists, users can use the process in a vacuum furnace technology to provide good support . Customer Service Centre can provide a full range of vacuum furnaces for domestic and foreign equipment services:

1, equipment, general maintenance:

Including the replacement of vacuum pump oil, heating room wearing parts, insulating parts replacement, vacuum furnace replacement parts subject to wear, etc.

2, Equipment Maintenance:

I including vacuum pump repair, replacement and manufacturers to provide users with information

Ii heating chamber of the maintenance, replacement

Iii vacuum furnace main Jian Lou, repair

3, the old vacuum furnace improvements, reconstruction cost less to make your investment can be satisfied with the performance of
4, provide stainless steel copper brazing technology of aluminum brazing process, copper brazing process, hard soldering, brazing plate heat exchanger production process. Help customers improve product quality rate, lower production costs, production appears to solve the various problems and ailments.
5, vacuum furnace commonly used display devices: 


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